Harley-Davidson Newcastle, a blend of tradition and innovation, has been reimagined not just as a dealership, but as a community hub.


Fraser Motorcycles


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Retail Design

Harley-Davidson Newcastle

A Chronicle of Evolution and Design Excellence, where the newly reimagined Fraser Motorcycles dealership stands proud.

Dive into a journey of transforming spaces, reviving memories, and celebrating the true essence of Harley-Davidson's home in Newcastle.

The dealership is not merely a brick-and-mortar entity where transactions occur. It's a carefully crafted experience, a testament to meticulous planning, and a homage to an enduring legacy.

This story is as much about design excellence as it is about the legendary motorcycles. Every detail, every nook, every corner is a culmination of intense brainstorming sessions, multiple design iterations, and the passionate effort of a dedicated team.

Bridging Heritage with Modern Design

The design draws from innovation and Harley-Davidson's legacy. Discover a space where every design choice tells a story, and every corner holds a promise of what's to come in motorcycle retailing.

Retail Design

The design philosophy

It was crystal clear from day one: to capture the soul of Harley-Davidson and present it in a contemporary context.

The team embarked on an ambitious plan to segment the sprawling space into specific zones, each playing a pivotal role in the customer's journey. From conceptual sketches to 3D visualisations, every design decision was underpinned by the ethos of the brand.

As the Fraser Motorcycles Newcastle dealership gears up for its next chapter, it stands as a testament to design excellence and passion.

A beacon not just for motorcycle enthusiasts but for anyone who appreciates the intricate connection between form and function.

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