The objective of this project was to provide customers with a better digital experience of Horgans through implementation of the Shopify Plus platform.




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Horgans Digital Transformation

Horgans were looking to elevate their digital assets to match their high quality products, both from an aesthetic perspective as well as improving operations to provide an enhanced customer experience. 

The overall objective of this project was to provide customers with a better digital experience of Horgans, and to improve operational efficiencies in Horgans’ back office and fulfilment processes. 



B2B / D2C Furniture, Homewares & Lighting


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Horgans had prioritised their longstanding commitment to retail stores and design professionals over direct-to-consumer sales. With nearly four decades in the business, they stood as a respected entity, ready to evolve digitally.

The pandemic underscored the urgency for such evolution, making it clear that Horgans needed to embrace digital transformation, not just through technology, but by aligning it with their core values and team dynamics.


The digital revamp of Horgans over three years transcended mere technological upgrade, fostering deeper connections and vision.

Launching two Shopify stores and integrating new systems marked the beginning, with a successful venture into B2C retailing, enhancing brand reach.

Continuous improvements have since been made, reinforcing Horgans' position in both B2B and B2C markets.

Working with David has been a game changer for our business. His personal approach and deep understanding of both retail and digital landscapes turned our Shopify platform into a powerhouse. It's clear he has got real world experience that sets him apart. Plus, his passion for design shines through in every project!

Sam Horgan - Horgans

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About Horgans

Horgans are a second-generation family business bringing a world of furniture to Australian homes. Since 1983, they've travelled the globe to source unique pieces with a story to tell. It’s how they layer living spaces of character and a legacy of great design.

They are proud to be a trusted supplier to designers, stylists and retailers who value not only the latest trends but also a commitment to products that are ethically sourced and made to last. They care about where their pieces come from, and about the places they will inhabit.

The Horgans story itself goes back 40 years. They began as a partnership. They grew as a family. Today, They're honoured to know their name is part of the places where so many other families come together every day.


Businesses are, fundamentally, human endeavours. 

And they are as much about ambition as they are heart and soul. Horgans stands as an exemplar of these values. As the family celebrates 40 years, their legacy extends beyond their own achievements. 

Countless family businesses across the nation prosper, nurtured by the foundational values that embody Horgans, a trade supplier at heart. 

Retailers, stylists and designers alike, all playing a role in gracing Australian family homes with meticulously crafted products - standing as enduring symbols of an unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit.

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