Jeremyville bridges art and audience in the digital realm. Leveraging innovative design, together with the ultra talented Artie Codes we've crafted an immersive experience that reflects Jeremyville’s unique artistic spirit. 



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Streets of Jeremyville

Our latest endeavour redefines the Streets of Jeremyville experience with a website that bridges art and audience in the digital realm.

By leveraging innovative design, together we've crafted an immersive online experience that reflects Jeremyville’s unique artistic spirit, enhancing user engagement and connection.

This project marks a significant milestone in how art is presented and appreciated online, inviting visitors into the heart of Jeremyville’s creative universe.



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The Jeremyville project presented an opportunity to revolutionise how art is engaged with online.

Recognising the need to transcend traditional digital boundaries, our goal was to create a platform that not only showcases Jeremyville's eclectic art but also fosters an interactive relationship between the art, the artist, and the audience.

This endeavor sought to merge aesthetic appeal with user-centric design, aiming to elevate the brand experience.


The revamp of Jeremyville's Shopify theme has markedly refined the brand's online presence, offering a cleaner, more intuitive digital experience.

Enhanced navigation and streamlined design allow for smoother user interactions, aligning the platform with Jeremyville’s digital vision.

This update not only improves functionality but also enriches the brand experience, making art exploration and purchase simpler and more appealing for visitors.

  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of

Neil Venkataramiah - Jeremyville

He actually cared about the end result

We found David through the Shopify directory and we’re very lucky that we did. David was able to meet with us within 24 hours of our first call, and he proved to be a fantastic partner to help us with our theme customization and online store re-build.

We explained what we needed to achieve, and he gave great recommendations and ideas from both a design and also a technical standpoint. He also helped with other technical issues related to general IT questions.

We had a pressing deadline, and David worked long hours to help us achieve our timelines. This would not have happened without his flexibility and willingness to work with us through every step of the process.

Most importantly - David is a great person, and never showed any signs of pressure or negativity throughout what was a demanding schedule. He actually cared about the end result. He was really great to work with - super professional and communicative at all stages. It made what could easily have been a stressful project, into one that was enjoyable and one that we’re proud of.

We would highly recommend David for any website development and theme customisation projects.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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About Jeremyville

Located in New York, Studio Jeremyville, under the guidance of artist Jeremyville and Creative Director Megan Mair, orchestrates global ventures and community-based art initiatives across the globe.

The “Jeremyville Community Service Announcements” initiative showcases thousands of artworks with impactful messages, disseminated worldwide via public art installations, large-scale sculptures, wall paintings, animations, art editions, and unique collaborations with brands to promote positivity.

Every piece of art draws inspiration from daily ‘human experiences.’ Their core aim is to produce art that motivates social change, both individually and within communities, fostering an environment of positive thought, creativity, and empowerment for everyone.


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