Viridian Detailing

Viridian Detailing

Respecting 11+ years of industry expertise in their passion for cars and cycling, we have committed to delivering the very best digital experience for Viridian with the launch of a custom Shopify Solution.



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Viridian Detailing

Our latest project transforms the automotive care landscape with a new Shopify website for Viridian Detailing.

Specialising in cutting-edge ceramic and graphene coatings for cars and bicycles, as well as meticulous detailing and pre-sale photography services, Viridian Detailing sets a new industry standard.

This website not only showcases their expertise but also how automotive care services are experienced online, offering users an engaging and streamlined journey through the world of elite vehicle maintenance.



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The Viridian Detailing project presented an opportunity to redefine the standards of online automotive care services.

Recognising the need to push beyond conventional digital solutions, our goal was to create a platform that not only highlights Viridian Detailing's expert services in ceramic and graphene coatings, detailing, and photography but also fosters a dynamic interaction between the service provider and the customer.

This endeavor aimed to integrate Aarons photography with user-centric functionality, striving to enhance the overall brand experience and customer engagement.


The launch of Viridian Detailing’s new Shopify site has significantly transformed the brand's digital footprint, providing a sleek, more navigable online environment.

Improved site architecture and aesthetic design facilitate easier customer interactions, aligning perfectly with Viridian Detailing’s mission of offering top-tier automotive care.

This upgrade not only boosts site efficiency but also elevates the customer journey, making the exploration and booking of detailing services more intuitive and attractive for users.

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  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of
  • Testimonials we're proud of

Aaron Lam - Viridian Detailing

He's got an eye for design

David has helped take my Shopify website to the next level! Every customer who has jumped on the website has had a positive experience and David is to thank for that! He's got an eye for design and user experience (UX) and has made my life a lot easier.

Working with David and DAC Design was a no-brainer ROI, his professionalism and attentiveness have been outstanding. Thank you David!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Shopify Ecommerce

About Aaron

Viridian Detailing started as a simple passion for cars and cycling has blossomed into a dedicated career.

Aaron began by washing cars in the wash bay of his apartment, and along the way, picked up professional car photography. What was once a hobby has now become a full-fledged passion.

After a decade of juggling this alongside a corporate job, Aaron decided to leave the corporate world behind and fully immerse himself in the world of car and bicycle care, restoration, and preservation.

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, he has honed his skills to consistently deliver top-quality service and results. This isn't just a job; it's his calling.


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