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Ride Fox Australia elevates off-road shopping with a sleek Shopify store. We crafted a dynamic and user-friendly site that mirrors their adventurous brand, providing an engaging and seamless shopping experience.



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Fox Factory Australia

Our latest endeavor redefines the off-road shopping experience with the Ride Fox Australia website, bringing high-performance suspension systems to enthusiasts through a seamless digital platform.

By leveraging Shopify’s robust capabilities and innovative design, we’ve crafted an intuitive and engaging online store that mirrors Ride Fox Australia’s adventurous spirit and commitment to quality, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.



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The Ride Fox Australia project presented an opportunity to revolutionize the off-road shopping and service experience.

Recognising the need to transcend traditional e-commerce boundaries, our goal was to create a platform that not only highlights Ride Fox’s high-quality suspension products but also integrates complex booking systems and service information for dealers and consumers.

This endeavor aimed to merge visual appeal with user-centric design, elevating the overall brand experience.


The development of Ride Fox Australia’s Shopify store has significantly enhanced the brand’s online presence, providing a sleek and user-friendly digital experience.

With integrated booking systems and detailed service information, navigation is now more intuitive, allowing for smoother interactions.

This upgrade not only improves functionality but also elevates the brand experience, making product exploration and service access easier and more appealing for customers.

Shopify Ecommerce

About Fox Factory

FOX Factory Australia is part of the Speciality Sports Group (bike division) of FOX Factory Inc. and distributes only FOX owned Brands in Australia. The operations are based in Sydney where the company has its offices and warehouse as well as the national service centre for Warranty and Service of all FOX owned products.

Fox Factory further distributes Marzocchi, Race Face Performance and Easton Cycling.


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