Shopify Ecommerce: Tailored Solutions by DAC Design

At DAC Design, I blend innovative design with cutting-edge technology to create Shopify Ecommerce solutions that stand out. My expertise in retail design and digital platforms is demonstrated in the success of various online stores I've developed, each reflecting the unique brand it represents.

Shopify Online Store 2.0 Upgrade Service

As a Sydney-based e-commerce specialist, DAC offers an advanced service to upgrade your Shopify store from Online 1.0 to the more sophisticated Online 2.0 themes. Online Store 2.0, a major leap in theme architecture, introduces 'Sections on every page', enabling merchants to personalize their storefronts on all pages. Our team will guide you through the transition, utilizing JSON template files for enhanced customisation and dynamic storefronts. We aim to leverage the full suite of Online Store 2.0 features to elevate your e-commerce presence.

Shopify Store Setup

Setting up a new online store is a breeze with our comprehensive Shopify Store Setup service. We specialise in configuring Shopify stores from the ground up, handling everything from product uploads to other Saas platforms via integration. Our goal is to streamline the technical setup process, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

Ongoing Support Service

We believe in fostering enduring client relationships. This commitment extends to our ongoing support services post-launch. Whether it's minor adjustments, significant updates, or general queries, our Sydney-based team is always ready to assist, ensuring your e-commerce platform operates smoothly and efficiently.

Additional Services

  • E-commerce Development and Optimisation: Leveraging our experience since 2014, we provide expert development and optimisation services for platforms like Shopify, ensuring your online store is not only visually appealing but also high-performing​.
  • Maintenance and Creative UX: Recognising the dynamic nature of e-commerce, DAC offers regular maintenance and creative UX upgrade solutions to keep your store at the forefront of digital trends​.
  • Consulting for Diverse Industries: Our expertise spans various industries, including fashion, B2B, and retail, offering tailored consulting to meet the unique needs of each sector​.

Why Shopify for Your Business?

Shopify stands out as a versatile, user-friendly platform that adapts to the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. My expertise in Shopify enables me to craft bespoke online stores that not only look exceptional but also offer seamless user experiences. From initial setup to custom design and integration, I ensure your Shopify store reflects the essence of your brand while maximizing functionality and user engagement.

My Approach to Shopify Design

Understanding that emotion plays a pivotal role in consumer decisions, I focus on creating emotionally resonant online spaces. By integrating compelling imagery, strategic layout, and immersive storytelling, your Shopify store will not just showcase your products but also convey your brand's unique narrative. This approach aims to foster a deep connection between your brand and your customers, inspiring loyalty and driving success.

Collaborate with us

Are you ready to elevate your e-commerce presence with a Shopify store that stands out? Let's collaborate to create a digital space that resonates with your audience and drives your business forward.

Featured Shopify Projects

  1. Horgans ( An elegant and user-friendly interface that showcases a sophisticated range of products.
  2. Fraser Motorcycles ( A dynamic platform that enhances the brand's adventurous spirit and connects with motorcycle enthusiasts.
  3. Ride Fox Australia ( Integrating sleek design with functional e-commerce features, tailored for enthusiasts.
  4. Capo Cycling ( A vibrant and engaging online store that reflects the energy and passion of the cycling community.
  5. Velofix ( A seamless shopping experience designed for efficiency and ease, catering to the needs of cycling enthusiasts.
  6. Hemlock ( A bespoke and visually stunning website that specialises in custom-made-to-order retail furniture.

Let's Create Your Shopify Story

Ready to embark on a journey to redefine your e-commerce presence? Contact me to discuss how we can collaborate to bring your unique vision to life in the Shopify ecosystem.

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